Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for all bookings made at Wakesurfcoaching.com 

Customers hereby declare that they participate in all water sports activities such as wakeboarding & wakesurfing voluntarily and at their own responsibility and risk and accept the terms and conditions listed below.


Conditions of participation:

1. with the booking of a coaching / wakesession the participant registers bindingly to the surf session chosen by him and assures thereby without further examination by the operator to have the special previous experience and knowledge mentioned in the document disclaimer. 

2. the participant knows and accepts the general terms and conditions and the valid regulations of the operator in full. He expressly declares that he has fully read and understood all the rules, regulations and conditions contained therein. 

3. the instructions of the supervisors must always be followed. 

4. in case of violations, which may disturb the proper course of the event or endanger the safety of the other participants, the operator is entitled to pronounce the exclusion of the person concerned from the event at any time. 

5. an independently performed warm-up is recommended as an injury prophylaxis before surfing. In order to avoid injuries and accidents, the participant surfs within his performance limits. Wearing a vest is mandatory. 


Insurance and liability. 

1. the participation is at your own risk. Insurance (accident, liability, theft, etc.) is the responsibility of the participants / guests. For underage participants / guests, insurance is the responsibility of the legal guardian. 

2. the minimum age for a wakesession as well as the offered activities is not fixed by the operator and is at the discretion of the parents. For underage customers, the use requires the express written consent of a legal representative or the legal representative must be present during the entire time. The legal representative assures that the underage customer has the necessary health and physical conditions. The legal representative is liable for any damage to persons, the facility and the equipment caused by the misconduct of the underage customer. 

3. the operator disclaims any liability for damage caused to the participant's own material or material of third parties or third parties themselves. The operator assumes no liability for lost valuables, clothing and equipment. 

4. personal surfboards are welcome. Surfing with them is explicitly at your own risk and responsibility. Each participant is liable for any material damage caused by the operator. 

5. the performance of water sports activities and the use of all sports equipment is at your own risk and responsibility. Freestyle sports activities inevitably involve certain risks. By booking, the participant declares that he/she is aware of the risks and dangers associated with water sports. An explicit instruction and clarification by the operator is not required for this purpose. 

6. each participant assures that he is healthy and has the necessary physical conditions. In particular, the customer assures that he is free of heart and circulatory problems, serious orthopedic problems and diseases or other health impairments that do not allow physical activity or affect the ability to swim. Each customer is required to be responsible, prudent and realistic in his or her self-assessment. The operator does not need to explicitly ask for this. 

7. If third parties have to be called in to support the participant (e.g. rescue services), the costs incurred are to be borne by the participant himself or the operator has the right to collect any costs incurred from the participant. 

8. the operator reserves the right to exclude a participant from the event at any time in case of misuse of the boat / material etc., possible endangerment of others, or for other important reasons. This applies in particular if a participant has given false information about personal data during his registration. The participation of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed. If a participant is visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the staff has the duty to exclude the participant from the water sports activity. Any payment made in advance will not be refunded.